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Cox Bar

Cox Bar
Cox Bar School is a welcoming rural public school site nestled in the Trinity mountain range between Weaverville and Eureka.  Opening its doors to the public on April 11, 1955, the Cox Bar School served the surrounding communities until the site was shuttered in 2017.  In 2013 the site was transferred under the auspices of Trinity Alps Unified School District and we are pleased to announce the re-opening of the site for the 2019/20 school year. 
The site's new mission is focused on serving the growing needs of the Cox Bar community and plan on bringing exciting new programs that reflect the unique nature of the surrounding environment.  

The overall goal remains to bring Cox Bar back to a K-5 school once there are enough students from the surrounding areas.  Until that time, the short term focus is to develop a preschool, summer program, and an environmental school.

The environmental school would operate year-round with a curriculum featuring river restoration projects, studies centered on native plants, animals, and insects indigenous to the area.  We believe that the rural mountain setting is ideal for nature-themed outdoor learning.  We see this serving not only the TAUSD footprint but neighboring districts as well.  We are developing outdoor classrooms and aboveground cabins designed for overnight stays.  

TAUSD is proud to support the community of Cox Bar and welcome the staff and students to the re-opening of the campus and the following programs.  

We are launching our camp - applications can be found here

We are launching our School Readiness program geared to preschool-aged students.  Information can be found here

Phone:  (530) 623-6327

Fax: (530) 623-6316