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Athletic Program

As Superintendent Green navigates the district through these challenging waters, the staff have taken on the task of reducing the impact of this situation to our students. The athletics program, captained by Mr. Bob Jeangerard, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the athletics department will continue to provide our students the robust athletic program the community has come to expect from TAUSD.  Today we are pleased to report on the fruits of his labors.

Our community has rallied around us and we are pleased to announce that the following facilities are available to the Trinity Alps Unified School Districts athletic program:  

The Lewiston Elementary School District’s governing board voted 4-0, to allow TAUSD to play games, hold practice and dances at their facilities

Burnt Ranch Elementary School District’s, Superintendent Kathleen Graham, has offered their gym for practices and games.

Douglas City Elementary School District’s, Superintendent Shannon Ross, has offered their gym for practice and games. 

Junction City School District’s, Superintendent Christine Camara, has offered their gym for practice and games.

Shasta Union School District’s, Superintendent Jim Cloney, has offered the use of their facilities for home games.  

“I am proud of our community stepping up with possible practice facilities, and I look forward to working with our coaches to develop program practice schedules.  At this time we are on track to offer the same athletic program as we have done in the past and will be adding swimming to the mix. We will continue to host home games for the outdoor sports starting with Football and Soccer this fall.  We are securing neighboring gyms for Volleyball, Basketball, and Wrestling “ - Bob Jeangerard 

Thank you all for your support.

“Our staff is our heart, and it is beating strong.  We are more than a collection of buildings but a fusion of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and knowledge.  Trinity Strong”