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What_Is_Clever? Card IconWhat Is Clever?Top of Page

Clever is software provided to the district at no cost which helps to streamline several different aspects of student google accounts.
  • SSO:  As a "Single Sign On" utility, Clever integrates rostering and logging students into a variety of websites and software so students do not have to login to multiple webpages (Clever does this for them).  Students simply log into their google account at the start of using their chromebook as their single password for all sites
  • Software Portal Pages:  Clever provides each teacher with a customize-able portal where they can create links and launch icons for all of the software they use in their classroom.  Teachers can easily search for data compliant websites from the Clever library to add to their portal pages.
  • Badging:  Clever allows for certain grades to use "Badging" where students hold up a QR badge to the chromebook camera instead of typing in their password.

Clever_Help_Center_For_Teachers Card IconClever Help Center For TeachersTop of Page

Variety of Help Topics Including:
  • How to Log In
  • How to set up your Teacher Portal
  • How to print badges