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Student Passwords

Google / GMail

To change a student password on Google :
Go to
Click the box menue at the top right.
Select the "Admin" button (you might have to click "more" at the bottom)
Once in Admin, in the search box, enter the students first or last name. 
Verify that you have the correct student.
On the menue on the left, select "reset password"
This will bring up the password reset menu
Toggle "OFF: "Automatically Generate Password"
Enter the default password : changeme
Keep the "Ask for a password change at the next sign-in" toggled on. 
Have the student log in with the changed password and have them enter preferred password.
See Gif Below
Password Reset


  • Log into PowerSchool Admin at
  • Log into PowerSchool.
  • Search for and then click on the student's name.
  • Click the Access Accounts link.
  • Delete the information out of the Student Password field. Then key in a new password of your choice. ...
  • Click Submit.

    District PowerSchool Code

    Password Reset