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ViewSonic Classroom Hardware



Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and an advanced, next-generation touchscreen, the ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP7550 delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century boardrooms and classrooms. With integrated myViewBoard® annotation software and ViewBoard Cast streaming software, content creation and sharing has never been easier. What’s more, this ENERGY STAR certified display delivers optional slot-in PC capability for more computing-intensive interactive applications. A VESA-compatible design allows for installation on a wall mount, or on an optional trolley cart for more flexible installation in classrooms and meeting rooms.
TAUSD Employs the IFP-7550-2 ViewSonic Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) in every classroom.  This 75" IFP works seamlessly with our Google G Suite environment. 

My ViewBoard

ViewSonic has provided an amazing group of resources.  The first is their "My Viewboard" site.  I encourage you to sign up for an account, take the self paced courses, peruse the Online Knowledge Base and attend the webinars. 
This page contains links to:
  • Series of self-paced videos
  • Link to the Wiki page
  • Link to sign up for both the “Getting Started with myViewBoard” and “What’s New with myViewBoard” monthly webinars
  • Information about the Teacher Certification Program
The link to this site is here:

Teacher YouTube

ViewSonic has created a nifty you tube channel specific for teachers:

ViewSonics ViewBoard Wiki!

This is an awesome place to go for original content for your ViewBoards

COMING SOON!! - We are busily binding all of our viewboards to the Google domain.  This will link your google drive to your board and allow us to invite ViewSonics highly skilled over for in depth training. 

Interactive Flat Panel Vrs Projector

Many times the questions are asked why we chose the IFP.  The IFP is a commercial device designed to run in a classroom for 7 to 10 years.  The manufacturer warranty is 7 years and there are no long term operating costs associated with this device such as bulbs/lamps for projectors that can run in to the hundreds per device.  A projector would have had to been installed by licensed installers using prevailing wage (~120$ an hour) and we would have to not only install them in the portables, but un install them when we are complete incurring additional charges then re install them into the rehabilitated facilities, again at prevailing wage.  The IFPs are installed on mobile carts making the transition from room to room seamless, easy and efficient.  The cost of the IFPs is significantly less over the projected 7 to 10 years of the device vrs the cost of projectors.  The decision was made to equip the sites with IFPs across the board, further reducing the support costs of the AV equipment as there is now a set classroom standard hardware list.  


High-definition interactive USB document camera

The ViewSonic® VB-VIS-001, powered by Lumens, is an easy-to-use, plug-n-play Full HD document camera operated with only a single USB cable connected to a PC. The VB-VIS-001 has a professional image sensor that delivers vivid colors at high-definition QXGA and Full HD 1080p output resolutions with 30 frames per second.

Software manual can be found HERE

VB-WKB-001 -

Wireless compact keyboard for ViewBoard® displays

The ViewSonic VB-WKB-001 is a wireless, handheld QWERTY keyboard, powered by Kensington, ideal for use with ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel displays. In addition to a full QWERTY keyboard, the VB-WKB-001 includes a touchpad, cursor control, and quick-access shortcut keys. Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and above, the VB-WKB-001 also features a plug-and-play nano-receiver with a range of up to 65 feet – giving users plenty of room to roam while still providing complete control of the ViewBoard display.