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The remediation of mold and asbestos at our facilities has been completed. What is now left is the reconstruction process.
Some reconstruction has been finished. The cafeteria at the Weaverville Elementary School was opened prior to the winter break. Although reconstruction of the kitchen portion of the Trinity High School cafeteria is not complete, the THS students do have access to the dining area of the cafeteria.
With much student excitement, the WES gymnasium was opened. Physical education classes, athletic practices and athletic games are now taking place there. The WES library remediation process is also complete, the books are being moved back in, and the library is open.
At THS the remediation process has been completed in the wood shop, and students are happily back in the shop creating.
The reconstruction process will be a long road. The District's financial reserves were used in getting the facilities ready for the start of school. As you may already be aware, money at the District is now very limited. The District has been relentless in its search for additional funding sources.

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For Immediate Release

Mold Status - Update
With the overwhelming support of our community members and alumni, we will be meeting our September 3rd deadline and look forward to welcoming all of our students into the 2019/20 school year.  

The final classroom portables are arriving and being installed this week with utilities coming online next week.  It has been a challenging beginning but the wolf/wildcat spirit burns bright.  

Student Orientation will be held August 26th for both campuses.  Weaverville Elementary/Trinity Prep Academy will be 9 AM to 3 PM and Trinity High School will be 9 AM to 12 PM.  

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Preparation for installation
Portables have arrived
Last Delivery Today!

July 10th, 2019

For Immediate Release

Mold Status - Update
Trinity Alps Unified School District is committed to providing our children with a safe and secure learning environment.  TAUSD staff have detected potentially serious levels of mold in some of our facilities within our district. We have acted quickly to address this issue and, as a precaution, we have closed large portions of our facilities and brought in experienced testers to investigate and report on the situation.  

At this time the testers have detected unsafe levels in some of our buildings and we have quickly responded by sealing them off from public access.  

At this time we have NO intention of delaying the start of school and we will work tirelessly to ensure that the educational environment has as little impact from this situation as possible.  

As of now, we will be converting the Trinity High School student parking lot into a temporary school site.  Temporary portable classrooms are being rushed in and set up to accommodate this venture and we anticipate a smooth transition into the 2019/20 school year.  

Please check our website at for ongoing updates and progress.  Attached is the current layout plan and the mold reports that have been made public.  

I am proud of the way our staff and our community have responded to this issue and remain forever thankful for your support.  Together we are strong.

Jaime Green, Superintendent 

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For Immediate Release:
Trinity Alps Unified School District has secured the lease of 16 portable classrooms for Weaverville Elementary and Trinity High school.  The first 2 have been delivered for installation on the high school campus.   We anticipate the final round of testing for Weaverville Elementary School sometime early next week!  We will keep you posted on our site.
We are pleased to announce that our CTE programs will continue to be strong and our academics will not be impacted by the transition to our new temporary housing.  Our athletic department is busy fostering relationships with the community to provide the same outstanding sports program we are known for.  
I continue to be grateful for the communities supportive response during this challenging time in our District.  
I would also like to welcome on board Mr. Coatney who has taken over the reins as principal of Trinity High School.  He has rolled up his sleeves and dived into the responsibilities as principal and will serve our community to his fullest potential.  
Thank you
Jaime Green - Superintendent
“Our staff is our heart, and it is beating strong.  We are more than a collection of buildings but a fusion of thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and knowledge.  Trinity Strong”